Grupo CIO collaborates another year with the project “Teje el Porvenir” (Weave the Future)


Clausura de Teje El porvenir

Grupo CIO collaborates another year with the project “Teje el Porvenir” (Weave the Future)

 Thirteen people complete their textile training in the project “Teje el Porvenir” (Weave the Future) organized by the regional development company Sociedad de Desarrollo of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Grupo CIO attends the closing ceremony of “Teje el Porvenir” (Weave the Future) 2023, through the company’s Director of Corporate Sustainability, Mónica Rumeu. Thirteen unemployed people participated in the project.

This textile making course has already been held in several editions, and is aimed at people with a minimum level of knowledge of the topic and difficulties entering the job market. The Sociedad de Desarrollo (local Development Agency), through the Employment Agency, took charge of closing this successful project that was held from 11th April until 28th June at the Municipal Employment and Training Centre.

Participating students successfully completed a theoretical and practical programme of 431 training hours, including 192 hours of textile making, 42 hours of basic patterns, 42 hours of personal and social skills, 18 hours of painting on fabric, and 12 hours of Knowledge Pills.

In addition, the training programme involved 125 hours of voluntary work experience, carried out at seven local companies with nine project participants. Noteworthy are the hosting companies La Trajería, Ancoratex, Todo Costura, Record Lavandería (Grupo CIO), Farobag, GuGem (El Kilo) and La Tijera de Fanny, where the participants could improve their employability.

“This project is an initiative that has been supported in collaboration with the DISA foundation, the company Grupo CIO and the ‘la Caixa’ foundation; its aimed at training unemployed people within the field of textile making” stated Carmen Pérez, the Managing Director of the entity based in the capital.

She highlighted that “within this project, almost 600 pieces of clothing, accessories, and household items were created. The pieces will go to the municipal nursery school Tara, in Añaza, and to the municipal nursery school Faina, in Ofra”. Likewise, she expressed her gratitude to the DISA foundation, the company Grupo CIO, the ‘la Caixa’ foundation, and the collaborating companies for their ongoing willingness to support these initiatives.

According to Mónica Rumeu, the Corporate Sustainability director at Grupo CIO, “these type of programmes fit very well with our sustainability vision. It is really satisfying for Grupo CIO to contribute to utility plans for the community, and above all to support the participants. Therefore, we simply want to thank the Sociedad de Desarrollo (local Development Agency) for inviting us to take part again this year in this exciting project.”