Guía de Isora has given the luxurious and sustainable Maguenes Resort project the green light to go-ahead


Guía de Isora has given the luxurious and sustainable Maguenes Resort project the green light to go-ahead

The complex will be the first in the Canary Islands to have been designed by the renowned Foster & Partners architecture studio

The Plenary Session of the Guía de Isora City Council approved the Maguenes partial zoning plan. This represents an advance for the urban development project planned by the CIO Group in the area – a project of a tourist and residential nature.

The mayor, Josefa Mesa, noted the importance for her municipality of having tourism infrastructures of this level: “It represents the type of tourism that has always been pursued by Guía de Isora.” Likewise, she emphasised the project’s architectural value: “It will be the only hotel in the Canary Islands designed by the famous Foster & Partners architecture studio.”

The developer made special mention of the intense work carried out by city technicians and political leaders in the years that the process has lasted. it also expressed its satisfaction that a project that will cover 850.000 m2 is becoming a reality. The project has been declared of strategic interest at the regional level due to its urban development, touristic, and environmental characteristics.

Antonio Díaz de las Casas, director of operations of the Company developing the complex, reminded us that this project was promoted by the President of CIO Group, Francisco Javier Zamorano. It falls within the luxury tourism, quality, and high purchasing power marketing segment – a segment that Guía de Isora and the Island of Tenerife have always preferred. Likewise, it counts with an added advantage, namely the advice and design of the world-class Foster & Partners Studio and of the golf expert Gary Player.

Through the brand The Tais Hotels & Villas, CIO Group plans to undertake a project that combines a luxury hotel, an area with high-society villas, and a golf course measuring more than 500,000 m2 – all of which are perfectly integrated, sustainable, and respectful to their surroundings.