Grupo CIO strengthens its compromise by publishing its Corporate Responsibility Report 2020


Grupo CIO strengthens its compromise by publishing its Corporate Responsibility Report 2020

For the ninth consecutive year, CIO presents its Corporate Responsibility Report, which gathers together the implemented measures to reduce its environmental footprint, thus contributing to social well-being.

In line with the Agenda 2030 and with the SDGs, Grupo CIO makes progress towards its goal of reducing its emissions by 40% through the use of renewable sources and applying efficient measures.

Through Fuentealta, it has donated 60,000 litres of water to more than 30 NGOs and food banks during the lockdown caused by Covid-19.

Compañía de las Islas Occidentales (CIO) has presented the annual Corporate Responsibility report 2020 focused on maintaining its firm commitment to the employees, environmental respect and the contribution to society. The CR strategy is based on these three pillars, on the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They represent a road map to the CR strategy of The Tais Hotels & Villas (Bahía del Duque), Fuentealta, Grupo Record and Grupo Inmobiliaria Islas Occidentales, member companies of the group.

In its effort to reduce the environmental footprint of the different business lines – especially of the Hotel Bahía del Duque and Las Villas facilities – AENOR has verified for CIO the calculation of its greenhouse gas emissions by measuring its carbon footprint. It has thus defined the emissions reduction plan by setting a target of a 40% reduction in 5 years. Likewise, it has implemented further measures such as purchasing green energy from renewable sources.

Francisco Javier Zamorano, CIO’s president, has explained that “we all have left behind a particularly hard year from which we have learned a great deal. The present time pushes us to continue working for a clearly promising future; more than ever, we consolidate a need to work for social and environmental sustainability and for good corporate governance”.

“We face 2021 with optimism and renewed enthusiasm. We will keep involved, being responsible and committed; we will create synergies and join forces to overcome challenges. We have a sense of responsibility to do our utmost and improve our environment. We are convinced that effort, perseverance and hard work are the clues to positively contribute to achieving a fairer, more equal and sustainable society.”

Mónica Rumeu, Corporate Social Responsibility Director, noted that “despite the complexity of the pandemic, at CIO we have continued working to ensure that our Corporate Responsibility is not diminished. We have worked on all our strategic lines laying particular stress on ensuring that the energy delivered to Bahía del Duque comes from certified renewable sources, thus contributing to creating an environmentally healthy tourist destination.”

In the meantime, the group has advanced implementing an environmental management system to obtain the certificate according to ISO 14001 standard and the EMAS Regulation. In addition, they have verified their carbon footprint through AENOR following the methodology set forth in ISO standard 14064:2012.

The hotel continues to focus on including organic products as part of the gastronomic offer and on composting from the pruning produce to fertilize the gardens. Likewise, they continue cultivating vegetables and fruit trees, medicinal and aromatic plants, based on organic farming criteria.

CIO keeps on participating with the Tourism Sustainability Working Group created by the hotel association Ashotel.

Maxims: sustainability and engagement with the community

For CIO group, the CR strategy and reducing the carbon footprint are priorities. It involves applying to all companies cross-cutting measures that range from the digitalisation of all processes and the consequent reduction of paper consumption to extending the selective collection of office paper for its recovery and subsequent recycling.

In parallel with these measures, CIO keeps its commitment to the well-being of staff members by applying work-life balance measures. Likewise, it keeps the ongoing training and talent management programme to improve the staff skills and the adaptation to changes. In addition, it has kept the agreements with companies that hire employees with functional diversity and labour insertion difficulties.

CIO closely collaborates with associations and local entities that work to improve life quality focused on vulnerable social groups. Through Fuentealta, it has donated 60,000 litres of water to more than 30 NGOs and food banks during the lockdown caused by Covid-19.

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