Fuentealta launches the fourth edition of its contest #FuentealtaSurf2016 on Instagram


Fuentealta launches the fourth edition of its contest #FuentealtaSurf2016 on Instagram

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, August 2016.- Following the success of the previous year, Fuentealta (www.fuentealta.es), company owned by Compañía de las Islas Occidentales (CIO) (www.grupo-cio.com/), has opened today August 1st, its fourth edition of the #FuentealtaSurf2016 contest on Instagram.

This new edition will be a part of the activities taking place for this years Canarias Surf Film Festival, event where Fuentealta is once again acting as the official water, according to the agreement recently signed by José María Cortés, Director of Sales of Fuentealta and Chema Cavero, Director of the Canarias Surf Film Festival.

In this fourth edition, the theme of the contest will be the same as in previous years, so those who are interested in taking part in the contest should do so with images related to surfing, bodyboarding, kitesufing, skating, SUP, windsurfing, as well as with the commitment towards our marine environment. Using the hashtags #FuentealtaSurf2016 and #yotambienbeboFuentealta, the participants will share their best images of these disciplines in the Canary Islands.

The users interested in participating should share the images between August 1st and October 31st 2016 on Instagram using the hashtags #FuentealtaSurf2016 and #yotambienbeboFuentealta, as well as follow @FuentealtaGR (www.instagram.com/fuentealtagr) on Instagram.

A july appointed by CIO, company owner of Fuentealta, and by the organization of the Canarias Surf Film Festival will be in charge of choosing the winning image, which will value not only the quality of the image, but also the uniqueness and originality, as well as the use of filters and formats of Instagram.