Fuentealta shines this Carnival with the strength of the Phoenix and the creativity of Jorge González Santana


Fuentealta shines this Carnival with the strength of the Phoenix and the creativity of Jorge González Santana

Fuentealta, company owned by Compañía de las Islas Occidentales (CIO), makes the water reign during Carnival. Its candidate, Carmen Laura Lourido, with the fantasy “Reborn” from the designer Jorge Gonzalez Santana has been proclaimed Queen of Carnival of Santa Cruz 2018. Fuentealta manages, for a second consecutive year, to achieve this maximum recognition.

According to the designer from Tegueste, Jorge González Santana, 27 years old, this is his most personal design and his best creation to date. The dress was inspired by the myth of the Phoenix, and tells the story of a woman who lights fire to her past to then rise from its ashes.

A team of three designers and seamstresses and another three support people for specific moments, such as the assembly, have worked on the fantasy since last June.

A fantasy made up 350 kilograms of feathers, rhinestones and ribbons

Weighing 350 kilos and with over 10.000 peacock, ostrich, pheasant and rooster feathers, the fantasy includes sequins, rhinestones, fabric and ribbons in shades of gold and red, which perfectly combine with the white and silvers tones of the dress and the candidate’s headdress.

“The experience of having been a part of the Carnival for six years has played a part in the design of the dress. It is better studied than in previous years, but structurally and creatively. On the other hand, it is also special because it’s a fantasy which I have been I have wantoing to make for many years. I was close to using this idea last year, but something told me that it was not the moment and I was not mistaken. During this time the idea has evolved and it’s become what we see today as “Reborn”” states the designer.

According to Jorge González Santana, “it has been many months of hard work, since last June, where, with the help of my family and friends and with the support of Fuentealta, we have achieved the highest position once again”.

In regards to choosing Carmen Laura Lourido to represent the fantasy, he acknowledges that he was captivated by the confidence with which she faced the stage in 2017, especially since for this occasion it was necessary to have experience and maturity, as it was a very challenging dress.

With the music, “I wanted something with an epic character, strong and emotional, which would allow the staging to connect with the public so they would also participate somehow in the fantasy”, he explained.

This is the forth year that the designer presents a candidate to the Queen of Carnival sponsored by Fuentealta, and the third time that they are awarded the coveted sceptre of the Queen of Carnival, following the success in 2015, and last year with Judith López and the fantasy Madame Soleil.

The director of sales of Fuentealta, José María Cortés, has expressed his satisfaction by once again achieving this award, “This is, without a doubt, the biggest recognition of the effort and the work of Jorge González Santana’s team and of the Fuentealta family, who has, once again, participated in Carnival full of  enthusiasm”.

“Fuentealta, as well as all of us who are part of CIO feel a strong commitment towards supporting culture and Canarian traditions, and Carnival is an essential date where we can be close to our people, to our consumers, and contribute to the fun as well as promote a healthy festival”.

Notes on the inspiration of the fantasy

“I fell. The weight of the envy, green and evil, overwhelmed me. A storm of fire loomed over me until it trapped me in my own despair. The open flame consumed me and reduced me to ashes. And it was then, when that cloud of dust was consuming me and the loneliness led me away from my being, when I found strength never before known, and I understood everything. That fire was not created by those who offered me there most undesirable wishes, but it was me who lit the fire that would consume the waste of my previous being, false and tormented, influenced by those who wished they were like me. It was the moment to re.-emerge pure was again, and I was reborn”.