Designer Jorge González Santana taught a Carnival workshop as part of “Teje el Porvenir” (“Weaving the Future”)


Designer Jorge González Santana taught a Carnival workshop as part of “Teje el Porvenir” (“Weaving the Future”)

The people who are participating in the project have received training on making Carnival costumes thanks to the driving force and collaboration of Grupo CIO and Fuentealta.

The training project known as “Teje el Porvenir” (“Weaving the Future”) hosted, for the first time since its launch, a workshop on making Carnival costumes taught by designer Jorge González Santana, awarded for his work making costumes for three Carnival queens. This was reported by the CEO of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Development Society (“Sociedad de Desarrollo”), Alfonso Cabello, who explained that “this initiative was developed thanks to encouragement from companies belonging to Grupo CIO and its water brand, Fuentealta. It sought to transmit the spirit and the magic of this traditional festival to those who were part of workshops on sewing and professional training initiatives.”

The councillor indicated that “the workshop, held today (Wednesday), aimed at the 12 people participating in the eighth edition of ‘Weaving the Future’ to learn the technique from the renowned Tenerife designer and to work with the most characteristic materials for Carnival creations: feathers, sequins, beads, and costume fabrics”. He stressed that “thanks to this special training initiative, we are meeting a new milestone in the project, bringing something as our Tenerife Carnival to the participants – something which they can later use to open the door to new job opportunities.”

The councillor from the Municipal Institute for Social Care (IMAS), Rosario González, referred to the “synergies between different municipal departments to enable people who are at risk of social exclusion and are users of the city’s social services to have the opportunity to access to a job that, in this case, is related to costume making for Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s Carnival festivities.”

Likewise, designer Jorge González Santana stressed that “the class allowed the project participants to learn the techniques of pattern making and sewing with new materials.” He likewise noted that “it is always a privilege and a unique experience to participate in initiatives like this one, doing what I like the most, which is taking the art of sewing into the realm of Carnival costumes.” Similarly, the designer stated, “I trust that the excitement that we put into every detail – the imagination and the spirit of Carnival – will be an extra form of motivation for women and men who find sewing to be a chance at a brighter future.”

According to Mónica Rumeu, the Director of Corporate Responsibility of Grupo CIO, “we have fulfilled a dream and taken another step in our commitment to build bridges and provide alternatives to open up opportunities and improve the quality of life for many, contributing our bit to the integration of those who are most vulnerable with the philosophy that has always been present in our hearts: that of small gestures which, when added together, help us to advance as a society.”

Rumeu also explained that “the idea of the workshop, which was forged while organising the current edition of ‘Weaving the Future,’ quickly received the support of our Grupo CIO, a company integrated by The Tais Hotels & Villas (Bahía del Duque), Grupo Record and Fuentealta”. She also stressed that “Jorge González Santana has been our designer of choice for more than five years when dressing our candidates for Carnival Queen”.

In recent years, the creativity and imagination of designer Jorge González Santana has set the bar a notch higher for costumes representing our brand Fuentealta. In 2015, Adtemexi Cruz became the first Carnival Queen in the representation of Fuentealta with the costume entitled “Áurea;” in 2017, Judit López, also won the title with “Madame Soleil;” in 2018, Carmen Laura Lourido achieved the same with the design “Renacida,” and in 2020 she won the title of Maid of Honour alongside María José Chinea, with the costume entitled “Un nuevo amanecer” This 2022, the experienced designer will present “Estrella” with the candidate Naomi Álvarez.

“Weaving the Future,” which is being carried out thanks to the support and collaboration of the Fundación DISA, Grupo CIO and Fundación “la Caixa”, through CaixaBank. It was created to provide training to participants and to improve their employability. In addition, training is offered in pattern making, painting on fabric, information technology, product promotion, as well as providing information to raise awareness of entrepreneurship and labour counselling services.

On this occasion, the project will run until June. It offers 510 hours of training, including 150 hours of unpaid internships in companies. This edition is being taught in the new Municipal Training and Employment Centre of Santa Cruz, in Miramar.