Bahía del Duque collects the Sustainable Tourism prize awarded by Tenerife Island Council


Bahía del Duque collects the Sustainable Tourism prize awarded by Tenerife Island Council

Mónica Rumeu, the Corporate Social Responsibility Director of Grupo CIO, has collected the Sustainable Tourism prize awarded by Tenerife Island Council to Hotel Bahía del Duque. It acknowledges the initiatives developed by the hotel and their contribution to the sustainable growth of the sector.

The island’s councillor for Territorial Planning, Historical Heritage and Tourism of Tenerife Island Council and President of Turismo de Tenerife (tourist board), Mr. José Gregorio Martín Plata, awarded the diploma to Grupo CIO’s Director of Social Responsibility during a ceremony that was held yesterday at the headquarters of Tenerife Island Council. The event was also attended by representatives of other award-winning companies.

Mónica Rumeo expressed her gratitude on behalf of Bahía del Duque and the Grupo CIO and declared that “we are very pleased that our corporate responsibility management model has been recognised. It was conceived 10 years ago with the aim of developing an area that would become part of the company’s DNA.”

The CEO of Turismo de Tenerife, David Pérez, for his part praised the important work carried out by the award-winning institutions, including Bahía de Duque, to meet the Sustainable Development Goals that help to place Tenerife in the position that its tourism deserve.

Thanks to this award, the work carried out by Grupo CIO, and especially by Hotel Bahía del Duque, becomes visible: to achieve a quality tourism sector in the Canary Islands. Moreover, this recognition is an incentive to continue implementing environmentally friendly and therefore sustainable actions.

The prize was awarded by a professional and qualified jury composed of entities such as Turismo de Tenerife (Tenerife’s Tourism Board), the Área de Desarrollo Sostenible y Lucha Contra el Cambio Climático del Cabildo de Tenerife (Sustainable Development and Climate Change Area of Tenerife Island Council), Factoría de Innovación, Universidad de La Laguna, Clúster de Turismo and Asociación de Profesionales y Empresas de Turismo Activo de Canarias.

Among the companies that, together with Bahía del Duque, have been awarded under different categories with the Sustainable Tourism Prize of Tenerife Island Council, we find Whale Wise Eco Tours, La Pinta Beachfront Family Hotel, the City Council of La Orotava, La Casa de Los Balcones and Bodegas Monje.