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Grupo CIO

Grupo CIO is a family company in which tradition and modernity blend with perseverance and the ability to diversify our business and grow continuously. Since 1902, we have maintained our essence, with part of the Zamorano family leading the current trajectory of the Grupo CIO.

After our beginnings as a tobacco company, we now owe our solid growth to our capacity for innovation, flexibility and long-term focus. Native from the Canary Islands, like our capital, we are a benchmark company in the tourist, industrial, service and real estate sectors.  All this has allowed us to be a source of direct and indirect job creation of great economic and social significance in the Canary Islands.

“We have managed for more than a century to create new opportunities and jobs, contributing to the dynamization of the Canary Islands’ economy”, Francisco Javier Zamorano, CEO

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We are a holding company founded more than 100 years ago in the Canary Islands.
We create opportunities because we know when to invest in a dream.
Our projects start here, but they have no borders because we are global.
We have a long family tradition committed to excellence in service.
We respect our surroundings and promote social development, collaborating yearly with more than 100 solidarity initiatives and creating synergies with NGO’s and associations.
We are pioneers, because we have vision and innovation is in our DNA.
We manage our family’s talent, because teamwork makes us stronger.
We know that we still have a long way to go, which is why we are constantly evolving.

“Grupo CIO is commitment, quality and drive. We have been overcoming challenges that guide us towards a promising future since 1902.”

Francisco Javier Zamorano – CEO

Our values

At Grupo CIO we base our purpose and our business strategy on well-defined values that are common to all the people who make up our companies.


Family tradition has been a hallmark of our business since our beginnings in 1902. Nowadays, we have the third and fourth generation leading the management of the company in different areas.


Quality, efficiency and devotion for the small details are our top priority in all the businesses of the company.


We have a strong commitment to our community, our environment and our team. We have a Corporate Sustainability Area, that works to promote social development, sustainability, respect for the environment and work-life balance, becoming a true benchmark.


We have a talent management programme, continuous training and work climate to be able to understand the needs of our employees and improve their potential. According to our latest survey, most of them feel motivated and proud to belong tp the company.


We promote the creation of innovative management processes adding value to the company and enabling it to increase efficiency and effectiveness ratios.


Since our beginnings, we have faced new challenges, generated business opportunities and contributed value to people and the environment. That is why flexibility, adaptability and constant evolution are part of our essence.

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